Hen won't stand and has lost her vigor

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    Apr 17, 2014
    One of my brown hens is not going on the roost and staying on the floor the last few days. This morning she isn't moving around much but did eat bread with everybody else. Her feet look fine. She's pretty fluffed up and I thought it was to keep warm but I think it's something else. I picked her up this morning (I usually can't catch her to do that) she streached out her neck like she was trying to make noise but nothing came out of her mouth then she closed her eyes.. I looked at her vent, which looks swollen. When I put her back on the ground she was just kind of standing and I had to leave for work. The last couple of days she's been on the floor with her feet under her. I thought she was sitting like this to keep warm, but this morning she did not raise herself up to walk but was kind of scooting around to get to the bread I threw down. I'm not sure walking like this if she can get to the water or not, that just occured to me. I think I will check her to be sure she isn't egg bound when I get home and maybe take her in the house in a box. Should I try to soak her behind to see if that helps? I have no idea if she is pooping or laying because I have 10 chickens and am gone all day. Thank you for what ever ideas you might have.
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    Yes I would check her ASAP inside her vent with a gloved and lubricated finger an inch or so inside the vent for a stuck egg. Be cautious bathing her if she is very weak. Bringing her inside where it is very warm and humid (such as a bathroom) would be good. Give her some calcium (a calcium tablet, Tums, or crushed egg shells) in a little yogurt. Here is some info on egg binding:

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