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  1. So I'm getting like 25 chicks [​IMG] on the 30 and I would like a plan ahead for how to get my 2 hens and rooster to like the chicks. By the time they come the adults should be outside in their coop so unlike the past years the chicks will be almost full grown by the time the adults see them. I wouldn't worry about them if i was adding them when they were chicks [​IMG] but as adults [​IMG] I'm afraid they might fight. We're keeping the roosters for a while so I was wondering how to introduce the roosters together since we have a head rooster that is aggressive. Any have ideas?
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    Well I would pen the new kids up somewhere that the older chickens can see them but not get to them so that they can get to know each other. This will take awhile and will let you know if the old guy is going to be agressive with the little guys pretty soon. some will some won't, the worst rooster I ever had would raise babys. the big girls could also be a problem for awhile but thats mostly pecking order stuff. What i do is to let the chicks get close to the size of the older chickens then let them all free range together for a little while later in the day and see how it goes. If that goes ok just increase the ranging time a little more each day. The one thing that may help is that the 30 chicks are really going to out number the older chickens so its more like the old girls will have to be accepted into their flock. Just watch for mean little pullets, last year I had a barred rock and an aussie that would pick on my 16 month bo's till the rooster got involved and they were only 12 weeks old.
    I guess all you can do is see how it goes and react to the situatoin then if needed. there will be some pecking and fussing going on but unless somebodys bleeding let it happen its chicken stuff and is going to happen anyway and the sooner they get the pecking order settled the better. I try not to interfere unless I have to, this may not be the best way to do it and someone may have a better way but it has worked for me and i have a nice peacful flock of 40 running around out there right now.
  4. Well thanks, I'll tell our friend whos building the coop to have a separated spot. Ya I knew that the chicks would out number the adults and I wasn't sure if the big guys would be picked on in their group. I'll keep ya updated, see how the [​IMG]'s treat the chicks, we had 3 month old I believe hens who were scared of 3 day olds LOL!! And even thought they were supposed to good moms and the chicks practically got trampled to death. Not sure if these ones will be scared since the welsummer and roo have had chicks. Thanks for the help [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  5. Also I must not be the smartest, the aggressive roo is and Old English Game, so their aggresive in their genes, well I ordered like 4 Old English Games [​IMG] im not smart! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I assume your rooster and hens are truelly adult in being more than 8 months old.

    If your Old English Game if anything like my American games will be easy to introduce to juveniles at 4 to 5 weeks post-hatch. Separate rooster from hens and keep him near chicks. He is likely through exposure to be inclined to adopt the juveniles as potential harem members where all cockerels and many of the pullets will be booted out. After rooster has been in close proximity to chicks, allow them to interact. Put food near rooster at this time and hopefully he will "tidbit" thus calling them over. He may peck a few at first but it is likely all will settle down where he will actually be protective. Once rooster and juveniles have bonded, then reintroduce the hens. If all goes well hens will peck juveniles a bit but no real damage will occur. Be certain to keep your eye on whole process.

    Post a picture of existing birds and how they are housed. It will provide direction on how to achieve merger with minimal risk.
  7. Their exact age is unkown but they are for sure older then 8 months, first of all since the guy that we got them from said his kids loved the roo, so the roo has to be at least 2 or 3 years, the welsummer I believe is a little younger but not much and the leghorn I'm not sure, her comb has like no coloring but she seems younger and when you like lay a finger on her a million feathers explode so shes the only one I question.
  8. But she doesnt have bald patches, just the under feathers its not noticeable unless you let her flap her wings or something because feathers fly everywhere when she does that
  9. I took some pics, not gonna post em tho sorry, this is gonna be the last time i get the sd card stuck in the computer LOL I'll try again after i un stuck it
  10. Got It Out Yes Its Not Ruined!!

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