Hens and swimming pool


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10 Years
May 2, 2009
Central Florida
The only part or our yard that is fenced has our swimming pool in it. I had ducks before chickens and we cut a hole in the fence to the coop so they could come and go. When I got chickens I blocked off the duck door. My hens are 4 and I really think they'd enjoy getting out of the coop to forage. Could they learn to avoid the pool or am I just asking for trouble? I wouldn't them out without supervision.
If you kept them supervised at all times with no exceptions I think it would be okay. I've got a fence just around the pool itself - once the fence got wrecked and I had a chicken standing on the rim of the pool looking like she wanted to go for a swim!!! She would have drowned if I hadn't caught her in time.
My birds do fine in a shallow kiddie pool, but I've lost more darn hens in watering troughs than any other way over the last 20 years. They fall in, get water logged and can't get back out

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