Hens are at laying age


Sep 27, 2019
One of my Polish girls, just laid a yolk. So I've been expecting something else now for a couple of days, a few of the hens have started squatting, but hasn't happened yet. I have 7, 2 barn yard mixed 2 polish girls (one a frizzle), and two Americauna's. The one that laid the yolk, seemed to be squatting today, and I got excited, but it seems the other hens are bugging her. I have a coop with 4 nesting boxes, but they don't go in there except to look around. Will other hens annoy them while they are trying to lay? They all just seem too nosey. :) they are all about 18-24 wks.
:welcome All are very likely hormonal and at point of lay. They are curious as to what is going on, and for sure once laying they will all want the same nest box.
She was squatting and ignoring everyone around. Concentrating very hard, then when she got up, I saw bright yellow/orange. I thought it was a piece of plastic and walked over and it was yolky texture. They do have oyster shell available and are eating egg layer feed.
Your pullets are getting ready to 'do their thing', but it does take time for everything to work itself out. You will get some eggs, and then not, and then over some time, whatever regular production these pullets are able to produce.
My big pullets are about 23 to 24 weeks old, and now many are producing relatively smaller eggs. It's good!!!
Next time take pic if you can.
This is the only pic I could find fast of a broken 'softshell' egg.
A softshell egg is the yolk, albumen, and membrane but no calcium shell.

Take a look at her vent to make sure there nothing hanging out.
Hopefully it was just a start up glitch and the nest one will be more 'normal'.

This might help explain the parts:
I will, instead of poking it. :) I think they ate it after! When she was squatting again today, I thought it would happen, but because none of them go in the coop, everyone is sticking their nose in there, like a bunch of midwives waiting for a baby.
Do they not go into the coop at all....or only at night to sleep?
Do you have some fake eggs in the nests to show them where to lay?
Today they were all in there checking it out, laying on the ground, so they are slowly going in. My older hen who is laying, does go in and roost, and uses nesting box.

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