Hens are dying but I cannot find any symptoms as to why???

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    May 28, 2011
    Hoping someone may be able to give the name of a good general antibiotic that I could start my hens on. I have had a group pass away over the last few months but I have not seen anything that would tell me why. They have been all eating, drinking, interactive, etc. A few of them became very quiet like a day or two before they passed, but that was about it. No wheezing, discharge, nothing. I am really at a loss but want to get them on something before I have more die.

    I did have a rooster who got what appeared to be a respiratory issue in November but I quarantined him and he got better. He still seems rather tired but eating and drinking as normal. He is a bit older too.

    I will take any advise I can get - I just had another die tonight. It was been extremely and I mean extremely cold here. But they are in an insulated house with two brooder lamps.

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    I'm so Sorry [​IMG] I would add Corrid to their water and change it daily with fresh corrid for 10 days. I understand how upsetting loosing your birds can be. I purchased 2 pairs of 6 week old Cream Legbars and paid to have them overnight delivered. I did everything I could to make sure these new birds stayed healthy. I purchased brand new very large brooder for them. fed them medicated feed, probiotics, vitamines, sanitized with bleach the small heated coop and pen I then moved them to. The previous birds in this coop are very healthy.. As soon as the first one showed signs of being off when they were almost 10 weeks old - I started medicating and still lost them to a unknown illness or disease. I talked to the breeder and she told me sometimes they just die. Here is information and links that may be helpful to you. http://partnersah.vet.cornell.edu/avian-atlas/lists/disease http://www.shagbarkbantams.com/oxine.htm
    I wish you Luck and hope you don't loose any more birds.

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