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    Hi, I'm looking for more information on chicken apron's.I'd like to make some but have lost my pattern for them. So if anyone has instructions on how to make them I would appreciate it. Also,I was wondering just how do the aprons help the hen. If a roo wants to get at a hen won't he do it anyways? so her behind will be featherless even with an apron? I would also like to know if my hens will still be able to get on the roosts with these on without getting hurt? Also, if their feathers don't come back at this moult would it hurt them to keep the aprons on during the winter?How long can a chicken wear an apron without causing other problems? If they stay in with the roo's will they always have to wear an apron?
    My roo's have cause alot of missing feathers especially on their fav hen's (poor things) I have been giving them dry catfood to help with moult,tried seperating (not working), so apron's r only option left all birds r here to stay! Have been waiting for the next moult which is now but, still worried about winter and the cold on their backs.May have to move roo's to entirely new section of yard.Thought about trimming their nails (roo's) but I'm afraid of hurting them.Afraid I'll trim the wrong thing. Any answers or suggestions are greatly welcomed , thank you
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    I would also love to have a pattern for the apron. [​IMG] I hope someone will share this with us!
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    I know a few people on here make them and they look great! Thats the route I would go for my girls if I needed them but I did do a search for you and came up with this ~ a Duct Tape saddle.


    Yes your hens will be able to roost with no problem. Hope others will be able to help you out more.

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