Hen's comb infected?


5 Years
Sep 28, 2014
I went out to my chickens today and saw one of the hens comb was torn and the upper part is now a bulge covered with clotted blood, I think. I wonder if another chicken attacked her or she did it accidentally. I'm not sure how to deal with it as the blood had dried and she is a hen I cannot pick up easily. I would have to chase her down and she tends to run into things and that may make it worse. Any ideas for what happens, how to treat it would be greatly appreciated.
I believe one of the other he's did this because there is some blood on her beak. The problem is the first chicken(Margo) likes to sit on the others eggs because she cannot lay eggs herself, another question I am confused about
If you have some BluKote, you can spray some on your hand (wear a rubber glove because it stains) and rub it on the comb. Iodine or plain Neosporin may work just as well. It will probably heal fine without any treatment, but I would watch out for more bullying. It sounds to me as if Margo is becoming broody (and wants to hatch some eggs.)

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