Hens eyes are cloudy along the top and slight yellowing of nostrils


7 Years
Feb 10, 2013
My most flighty girl has lost a bit of her spunk. I noticed last week so was a bit more sedate than normal (not at all). She was standing with her head lowered a bit and eyes closed. Would do this off and on, but would act normal when she wasn’t in this position. I chalked it up to a really hot weekend. I noticed it again yesterday. Then this morning she was up on the deck and I was able to grab her. THIS concerns me as much as what I saw. She NEVER lets me catch her. I checked her over and both of her eyes have a bit of clouding near the top. Also her nostrils looked more yellow than normal. No oozing, just yellow. Any ideas? I will add pictures if she will let me (ha, good luck to me!)

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