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    May 5, 2017
    My question is a 2 parter. First is my rooster has started to very agressively attack one of my hens and im not sure why the only diffrence is she has been acting broodey. Has anyone experienced this before? But my problem is when I went to seperate them they got into a scuffle and both where about to jump out of the coop so I shut the door to keep the hen in. And when I did I smashed my poor hens toe. It looks swollen and the toenail looks like its falling off. Not sure what to do of anything?
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    Any photos?
    You can soak the foot in a warm epsom salts bath to help reduce swelling. A damaged toenail will usually fall off on it's own.
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    If rooster get aggressive sometimes the hens "hide" in the nesting boxes to get away from them or go on the perch during the day. When this happened I had to separate out my roosters. If she is getting older this might also cause broodiness. My older hens are more broody and certain breeds are more broody too. I agree with wyorp rock about what to do with the toe. I hope this answers your questions:)
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