Hens keep adding eggs to broody?!

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    May 19, 2014
    I have a broody sitting on six eggs, that have been there for about 5 days. I marked all the original eggs I set under her. I really didn't plan to hatch more chicks as I literally JUST hatched 21 chicks, which is almost my maximum for my set up. However, my white Cochin hen went extremely broody. It's her first time going broody, and I really want to praise this behavior, so I put 6 eggs under her.

    Now, the problem!

    My other hens keep dropping extra eggs in with her! I try and check on her as much as possible and attempt to remove the extra unmarked eggs, but by the time I find them the embryos have already started to form!!! So far I have disposed of 4, 1 day old embryos and 1, 2 day old embryo. I hate myself for it! I'm so saddened but I can't have her hatch more than 6 eggs! How can I keep the other hens from dropping extra eggs in her nest?
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    Either move her to an area that the other hens can not access or make her present nest site inaccessible to the rest of the flock.

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