hens kicking nest bedding out


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10 Years
Nov 26, 2009
I use an old drawer as a nest box and all my hens kick out the bedding.
how can i stop this
They probably are intending to "organize" the nest their way. Kinda of like a cat or dog will turn around a few times before they lay down.
In other words, they probably don't intend to lay their eggs on bare wood, it just happens.

Try a piece of foam or an old small blanket until they figure out they can't re-arrange their nests, they should just get busy and lay those EGGS!
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they will even kick out wood shavings too ... even tried moss and that didn't work either ...sigh ... I just keep replaceing the bedding with new wood shavings ... my problem is getting one of my girls to stop laying her eggs right at the door ... have almost steped on a few ... but she let me know they were there ... good thing too lol
How deep is your drawer? Maybe you'll need something deeper. I use plastic dish pans with shavings and they kick it to the front and back but never really enough to remove the shavings from the pan. Will

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