Hens lay eggs in the same place


9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
I have a hen who is sitting on one egg and will not get up. I assume she is broody and is going to sit on this egg for the forecasted 21 days. My other 3 hens usually all lay their eggs in the same spot where she is sitting. Will she move and let them continue to lay there? Do I have to be concerned about eggs at different stages being incubated by her? Do the other hens usually respect a broody hen and lay elsewhere? I'm new at this obviously, and yes I do have a rooster with my hens. Thanks for your help.
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No she will not move. She will continue collecting eggs from the other girls. Your best bet is to isolate her: either cage her in somehow, or wait until nighttime and move her & the eggs to a dog crate or something.

Watch your fingers, those broodies can be meanies!
How long has she been sitting there?

Mine all lay in the same box and even though 1 or 2 may sit there for hours after laying, usually by the end of the day they have sorted things out and the rest get to lay as well.

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