Hens laying eggs on top of another hen!

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    Jun 22, 2013
    So for the first time two of my non-bantam chickens became broody! Well all together my three Serama hens are setting together, one of my silkies started and my polish and Americauna. Now are laying flock consists of 9 hens. two are setting (right next to eachother, there is always egg stealing, and switching spots between the two) but anyway, the other hens keep laying eggs right next to them! Im afraid they will get overwhelmed and stop setting. And of course we cant tell which eggs are new from the incubating ones. I have tried to cage them off but i have to leave a hole so they can occasionally come out to eat, drink etc. And of course the other hens come in. How do i stop them! Trust me there are PLENTY of other spots to lay. we have baskets and around 5 other nests. These eggs are piling up under the hens, they are breaking and rotting and it is gross, why won't they lay somewhere else?
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    "why won't they lay somewhere else? "

    Because they are chickens.

    You might mark the incubated eggs with a pencil or something.


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