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    I posted a couple of weeks ago about the condition of my hens. They started with naked butts, and the feather loss has progressed to spotty areas all over their bodies. Some have what looks to be 'fluff' poking out through their more mature feathers. Some have lost wing feathers, I have one without any tail feathers. Necks are getting thin now too. At first I assumed, and was told in response to my post that my girls were molting. They will be a year old in April. This has been going on for about two months, and I'm not seeing any new feather regrowth. My one Barred Plymouth Rock hen has had a naked butt for several months. I have 15 hens, and even in the shortest days of winter I've been getting 12 - 15 eggs a day. Egg production has now dropped off to 6-9 eggs a day, and my leghorns aren't laying at all. The odd thing is they aren't showing any signs of what I would describe as molt. The bare skin looks good, mostly, their butts are a bit red, but clean. Another thing I've noticed is that I am not seeing many feathers in the coop, which makes me wonder if I have a feather eater. No bloody spots on the hens to suggest picking. I've been supplementing daily with either cat food or meal worms in their afternoon snack, for about three weeks, but not seeing any new feather growth. Poo looks 'normal' for chickens, coop is kept very clean, plenty of water and feed. The other thing I've noticed is that the hens' combs are bright red. Much redder than I remember seeing them. Can anyone help me here? I am hoping its just a molt, haven't dealt with this before, but the fact that I'm not seeing any feathers laying around makes me suspect there may be a different culprit here. I had a couple bully hens last summer, and they were rehomed. Suspect my Leghorms, but not sure. I just want my shiny new looking chickens back! Please someone give me some suggestions, I would hate to think that my chickens were sick, and I wasn't doing anything to help.


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    Nutrena has a feed called feather fixer. I helps them through a molt.
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    Have you checked for lice or mites?


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