Hens losing feathers??!!???

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    I have seven hens and one rooster...all ten months old. Recently, we noticed our hens were developing bald patches on their backs. Not sure if this is from the rooster or just molting? A friend said our rooster was possibly over zealous because we had a light on in the coop at night to give the girls a little extra daylight so that they'd keep laying over the winter. She seemed to think he was unable to settle down due to the light. Has anyone ever heard of this???? We shut off the light, but the problem persists. How long will it take the feathers to grow back, and is there anything else we can do? If we get rid of our rooster, won't the hens start to peck each other? Do we need more hens, maybe?

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    You ask a lot of questions that is good. @ 10 months they should not need heat anyway, PERIOD!! Your Roo is being a bit ruff on the girls and a few more girls would never hurt. The extra lighting is used to help the girls lay may eggs I have heard but we live in Portland and my girls give me mostly 1 egg a day each even in the winter. They make Rooster Jackets for the girls or Aprons whatever you call them. That should help with the balding on the kids. You could increase your protein level for the birds. Eggs scrambled or hard boiled are great. Ground up chicken or other meats ground or finely chopped they will eat. If not try it again just to see. Nuts chopped, Flax seed, Linseed. Proteins see to fill out the birds and give them lots of feathers and brighten them up. You did not say what kinds of food you offer? Do you give them crushed up egg shells? Oyster Shells crushed up will help put calcium back in them while they make so many eggs they need it to make it. Getting rid of the Roo is not the answer but change some of the feeding. You could also add liquid vitamin drops for the water and organic apple cider vinegar couple teaspoons. Lots of stuff that can be done Others will chime in too with ideas. Best of luck

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