Hens neck severally injured from rooster mating them!! Please help!!


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Mar 17, 2016
North Carolina
I have 2 hens with neck injuries from a larger rooster excessively mating with them. One of the hens has dried blood on their neck where the feathers are missing and the other hens neck it pecked down to the meat! Her feathers on her neck are missing but herather neck injury is more severe. I let all of the hens free range this evening but I put them back in the coop tonight. I need advice on how to care for their wounds and how to handle the situation?? Thanks in advance!!
I have a quail that happened to. I was gone during the weekend when it happened. My husband pulled it from the flock, and gave it food and water. The next day he put Neosporin on the exposed skin. She is eating and drinking fine, but I, like you need to know what to do next. I'm thinking sutures.
I have not taken any pics of them yet. But i did treat the wounds with hydrogen peroxide and neosporin and then went and bought vetercyin spray and red-kote wound dressing which is very red and it makes them look like they are bleeding to death. I will try and take pictures today. I let both of my roosters out to free range and have kept them seperated from then hens because since i have 2 wounded hens out of 4 i decided to kick the two roosters out and everyone is miserable. I really dont know what to do? I have 4 younger hens that free range but i feel like the roosters are now taking over there hang out spot and they are afraid to go drink or eat. I have a mess on my hands and i really dont know what to do. I am currently trying to rehome the roosters but that isnt always easy. Any advice would be grearly appreciated!!
This is the best picture i could from the hen with the worst injury. It actually looks much better from yesterday. The red dye is from the Red-Kote wound dressing.
Hi cajuncluck! I just now saw this, and I hope your hens are doing better. My quail is. I've been putting Neosporin on her wound. I wanted to use blu-kote, but mine is in a spray, and I was afraid I would get it in her eyes. I have the same problem with roosters that you do- too many, and no one wants to take them. It looks to me like you're doing good with treating the wounds, maybe some extra nutrition to help the healing. Good luck :)

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