Hens not laying much, thinking I have at least one sick hen.

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    Nov 4, 2009
    We have some juvenile chickens we are raising. I saw one was looking real droopy and sick, its droppings were runny brown, very different than all the others. I separated it from the others and the next day it died. Not sure why, something internal, worms ?? there was a lot of flies on the ground in their fenced area and I don't know what they were attacked to. My concern now is my older hens are not laying many eggs, only 3 a day for 7 hens. And I see some droppings are the same runny brown, not all but one of them . So I'm wondering if the one with the runny droppings is sick? Don't know what to do to find the sick one, they all seam to act fine.
    More info, I am in Florida and it is hot summer time. I have a caged area right next to the hens area where I put our juveniles. And they still have flies all over the ground in the juveniles area. I don't know what the flies are attacked to. Could the flies be the problem or are they attacked to the droppings since one is sick ? The juveniles all look fine and healthy.
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