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    Mar 7, 2011
    I got 2 bsl 3 BO 2 EE 2 BR all except the Bsl are a year old the bsl hatched this spring and stated laying early august end of Sept they all stoped laying I had a BR rooster with them but he found a new home he was pretty mean I have yet to.see a egg I even mix chick starter with layer pellets they free range and eat greens I put a light in the hen house I'm all out of ideas I didn't think moults lasted this long
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    If your hens are already in a moult you may mot get eggs until spring. Hens lay until either the number of light hours per day or the degree of light intensity signals the end of a reproductive cycle. Most hens therefore stop laying during the shorter winter days. Using artificial lighting tricks them into thinking the season remains right for reproduction.

    If you have a coop smaller than 200 square feet of living space you need one 60 watt incandescent bulb, 7 feet above the floor, above feeders and away from nesting boxes providing a constant "light" for 15 hours a day (but 6-8 hours of darkness for rest). If you have windows you can set a timer for those dark morning and dark night times only.
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    It's just naturally time for them to take a break. They'll start laying again in the spring.

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