Hens or Roos?


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6 Years
Jan 18, 2014
I bought 3 chickens about 2 months ago (they were approximately 12 weeks at the time) They were straight run, but I think I managed to pick out 2 roosters, if not 3.

What do you all think?

I would think at least the leghorn would be laying by now...but nobody has crowed yet either...
Here is the Orpington in a couple of better shots. I think it's a hen....or I'm hoping at least :)

Those orpingtons are tough. (I know, I have 5 of them). I think it's a girl who is going to lay an egg any second now!
Thanks for your input...I know they are more difficult to sex...I'm hoping that she's a she! LOL! Her comb just really started turning red & getting bigger, so I'm hoping that she will start laying any day & confirm my theory.

One thing that really makes me wonder though is that she will puff out her neck & fight with my RIR roo. Hoping she's just being picked on by the boys & cranky

It's too bad because the roos are really sweet! Especially the Leghorn...he's a cuddle bug. Wish I had the room and could keep them & just toss a few more hens in there, but I don't have the room for both & need the eggs...
And...nevermind...I think I solved the mystery of the 3rd bird. Was really hoping she was a SHE, but upon closer inspection (this one's hard to catch) turns out...we have Saddle feathers...so Frieda is now Fred.


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