Hens preferring hen house


Aug 7, 2016
Hi! I am a very new chicken owner from Brisbane, Australia. We brought 3 x 20 week old girls home 3 days ago. We have a pretty modest coop that has a hen house and a fenced off run surrounding it. The girls are completely comfortable with the house but are very hesitant to leave it and enter the run. Should I leave them be or encourage them out? Also should I put their food and water inside their house or leave it outside? I spent a year researching how to care for chickens but never thought to research what to do once you bring them home!
Greetings and :welcome. Happy you joined our community! I think I would put the food and water in the run...they will come out when they're settled in and get hungry. I feed and water my birds in the run as it keeps the coop less messy and fewer flies in their as well. Best of luck to you! :)
Thank you
I had the food and water in the run to begin with but was so paranoid that they would starve and get thirsty. I've put an IceCube tray with water and a small container with pellets in the house and left their feeder and waterer in the run. I have also been supplying them with a fresh supply of scraps (carrot, lettuce, Apple and even some nasturtium flowers) but they just seem so nervous and not interested. Is this normal?
Hi and welcome to BYC. It's very normal behaviour - chickens hate change. They will be fine very soon, I'm sure.

Best wishes
Once they feel secure they will venture out. If just one does, the others will follow. Everything loves to eat chicken, so that makes them fearful from the beginning.
Thank you for your replies. I'm the complete opposite of a panicky parent with my four children but these chickens have me googling every little thing to see if it's normal

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