Hens share 1 nesting box


10 Years
Sep 24, 2009
We have 7 hens and 3 nesting boxes. They used to use all 3, but always favored one. Now, they only use the one and several times I've seen 2 hens side by side in there! What's up with that? There is absolutely no difference in the boxes!
Mine do that sometimes too. And yes, sometimes they just favor a certain nest box, no matter how many you have!
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Yep, pretty common.
Best anyone can figure out about what goes on in their little pea brains...a hen sees another hen on a certain nestbox and says AHA! That must be a great place to lay an egg!
My nestbox limit is three, the most I've seen on the same nest at one time.
Just provide them with enough nestboxes and assume that they will all use the same one.
We have 15 hens and 6 nesting boxes in one of the coops and pastures....1 nesting box has ALL of the eggs every day.Its funny if one is in there and one wants to be she will stand there and squak at the one inside until she's done.Now,they seem to have a schedule amongst themselves for the box.
It works for them so that's all that matters
It does all work out. We've now found eggs in two (out of three) boxes but at first they favored one. As you can see in this photo, the SLW is on top and the EE is on the bottom. Sorry that you can't see any heads.. the kids had accidently let the chickens out and the bus was due to arrive any time and I really wanted to get the shot! LOL

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