Hens sleeping in the nesting box. Cold?


Mar 18, 2020
San Francisco Bay Area
My hens are starting to sleep in the nesting box. Are they cold because their ventilation is too low? There’s a freeze tonight. Roost is open from below and ventilation is upper right. The beige plate heater is unplugged.


6 Years
Apr 6, 2014
Melrose Park Illinois
If chickens are sitting on roost, and they feel a draft from the vent, then maybe they are somewhat uncomfortable. Can you lower the roost bar,at least temporarily, and see if that encourages them to use roost.? I don't see the nesting boxes in pix, but are they much lower than the roost bar??
How many chickens do you have? and are they all crowding into the nest-boxes?

Your roost bars look like a square piece of lumber. If the edges are somewhat sharp, the chickens have a difficult time grabbing the bar, and sitting comfortably. Very much rounded corners/edges, or round bars are more ideal. Chicken can comfortably grab bar. I use round tree branches inside my coop.
You can test the comfort of roost bars, by wrapping a towel tightly around roost lumber, several times, and see if chicken feels comfortable on the rounded cloth perch.
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