Hens stopped laying eggs - sorry if this has been answered before


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Jul 31, 2016
Melbourne, FL
On July 31st, we got four laying hens and their coop (she says they maybe over 18 months old) from the same lady whom we had been buying eggs from. They continued to lay 2 eggs the first week we got them. There were 2 soft ones mixed in these, and this week it's totally stopped. We understand that they may be stressed from the move and that they are molting. However, since they continued to lay eggs after we moved them, we thought they were okay. Two days after we got them, we added 3 red stars that are not quite ready to lay (in 2 weeks maybe) and share the same coop. They have not quite gotten along since the beginning and these three actually roost on top of the nests. We have fed them the same layer feed and given oyster shell, hard boiled eggs, watermelons, white bread, and mealworm, and plenty of water. Is this just due to the stress of the move or something else? Is there something that we can do? Will they lay again? Sorry too many questions from a newbie. Thank you in advance.
Hens almost always stop laying after being introduced into a new environment. Not only did they move, but their pecking order has been disrupted by the addition of 'stranger' birds. The eggs laid right after you got them were eggs that were 'in process' in the reproductive tract. The older birds may go through a molt, but they will eventually lay again. Never apologize for asking questions - helping is what this site is all about.
Nope, nothing ruined. Just chickens acting like chickens. All birds seem to hate change. Sometimes something as simple as changing bedding can make them refuse to enter their coop.
I'm wondering if you get eggs for a week after moving them.....with some soft ones....it's possible the older birds may be getting ready to molt,
either due to their age and the time of year and/or because of the stress of moving and/or change in diet and/or having new flock mates.

Lotta changes, they don't care for that, so hard to say what the exact cause for cessation of lay is.

I'd cut out the white bread(zero nutrition) and go easy on the watermelon(unless it's just the rinds).
The meal worms and eggs are good animal protein tho...as layer feed is often minimum protein(15-16%) needed to produce eggs.

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