Hens to a good home


9 Years
Oct 18, 2013
I live in Rockland county and am looking to rehome my 6 hens.
Very friendly, only to someone who they will be pets for.
Have just started laying.
My parents are in Monroe, NY and I might be interested--we're heading down there this weekend. What breeds and are they healthy? I'm so leery of introducing new chickens to the flock (friends of mine had a rough go of it when they did that).
I have 2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Wellsummer, 2 Golden Lace Wynadottes & 1 Silver Laced Wynadotte.
They are all healthy, have not had any health issues at all.
They were all purchased as 1 day old chicks April 15th, 2014. Only 1 is laying so far, the rest should be starting soon.
Are your current chickens in a safe location? Any issues with predators?
These would make great additions!! I have blue laced red Wyandotte's, gold lace and a pair of buff Orpington hens. I can come anytime.
Locked coop, fenced in 3acre yard and fenced in run. Havnt lost any to predators even though I live on the edge of the miniwaska, mohonk preserve. I'd be willing to take just the Wyandotte's if the other interested party and yourself are good with that. Taking all of them is also not a problem
I did give some away. Some of the others I kept & just made their pen more secure.
Their safety was my main concern.
Thank you for your interest though.

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