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    I have a pair of Seramas (2 more I hatched out in the incubator but they are still babies so I know they are fertle) and a mixed breed standard hen. I have tried to get Goldie, the Serama, to sit on her eggs for months now and she just will not do it. There is a pile of eggs out there now and I figured at least one of the girls would sit on them. NOPE. They want nothing to do with it. Goldie is 4 years old and the other hen is 2. Any ideas?

    Daddy: 4 y/o Baby Sarge:


    And Goldie:

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    Some breeds, and some hens, are broodier than others. I don't know about Seramas...but the only ones we've had actually set and sometimes go so far as to hatch chicks are our Golden Comets, our Silkies, our Banty Silver Phoenix, and our black hens that WE think are Jungle Fowl. Some of the more commercial breeds have that broody tendency bred out of them, unfortunately....and I think someone else started a thread about this, recently.
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    Going broody is strictly hormonal, and there is nothing you can do to make them go broody. Sorry. Some just never do it. Breeding can be a factor. And at age four, if she's never been broody, chances are she never will be, although I guess anything's possible.

    All of my broodies have gone broody sometime in their first or second year.

    Edited to add: Great pictures.
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    Thank you.
    I have had several Seramas and they were very broody. Goldie has never been so. I had to give up most of my chickens when we moved from New Hampshire to Washington. Goldie and Baby Sarge, my son named them, (His daddy was Sarge) were 2 of the 5 I shipped here from NH. That was nearly 2 years ago. So I have wanted to get my Serama flock built up again. Goldie just will not cooperate.
    I guess it is incubator or nothing for the eggs.
    Thanks again.
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    That picture of Sarge crowing is awesome!
  6. L&Schickens

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    ^^^ Thank you! I love taking picutres of my birds and Baby Sarge is very photogenic. He will crow no matter what is going on or where he is. He is a happy little bird.


    With my son, Loren:



    He is a beautiful bird.


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