Hens with silkies, showgirls--as outside chicks?


11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
Bay Area, CA
My two broody hens have hatched some silkies and showgirls from eggs, and are taking them roving around the big run, scratching for bugs in the compost, etc. But now they are predicting rain for next week. Not wanting my precious babies to get chilled, I'm wondering if I should shut them inside the coop for the duration. At the very least, I'll put a feeder and waterer inside so they don't have to go outside.

Do hens have the sense not to take the babies out in the rain? Not sure if I want to risk wet chicks. Even if they weren't silkies and showgirls, they would only be just over a week old, not a good time for rainy weather. So, should I keep them shut in?
I dont know if the hen will take them back in if it rains. All my chickens get suck on stupid when it rains they just stand there not even trying to find shelter even though there are plenty of dense bushes and shrubs for them to go under. I spent 45 min one evening in a downpour umbella flipped up trying to get them in. I gave up and let them stay out in it. I would vote for shuting them up.

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