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    Jun 26, 2009
    These are my 4 RIR hens I got a few weeks ago. So far I've only been able to name 2 , I'm waiting on their personality to shine through for the other 2. One is Hazel, she is the head-hen so to speak. Looks after the others and is all in their business. The other is named Garyella. Don't ask, I promised to let one of my good buddies name one and that's what she came up with. She's a little shy one who hides behind the others whenever I come in the coop. The other 2 I'm still working on. I won't send a pic of the coop yet, but I'm real proud of it as it was a project my father (age 76) and I worked on and he is a genius at inprovising when needed. I want to paint it first, but it won't stop raining. By the way, I'm still a novice even though I've had hens before, but does anyone know how long it will take before they start laying again? I know it may take a while since they were moved from their original home but I thought about putting a fake egg in the nest box to prod them a little?
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    They are beautiful! As for the laying, they still look quite young and I don't think they have even started laying at all. You can tell it will happen soon when their combs get big and red.
    This hen's large red comb shows that she has already begun laying:

    Your RIR hens have really small combs, and when their combs start to look like this they should begin to lay.

    I think your birds are lovely!
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    I agree...beautiful girls (I love my RIRs) and still too young to lay. Mine had very large visible combs when they started laying.
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    Aug 17, 2009
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    Quote:When I got my neighbor's chickens it took a couple weeks ( I think) for them to start laying again for me.

    When my LH starting to lay she was laying in the smaller chickens cage. I put an egg in her nesting box in her pen and she started laying there.

    Good Luck!

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