Here is what my coop and run look like.


10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
Aurora, MO
Here are some pictures of my dog kennel run with my 4'x8' coop inside of it. Here are also a few pictures of the residents. I currently only have six RIR's, one rooster and five hens.











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Wow! Nice set up and beautiful birds! They certainly look very happy in their digs. My only concern is that predators could get to your birds through the chainlink fence. I would put hardware cloth around the bottom for protection. Otherwise, I love what you did!
Thank you. I have had the chainlink kennel setup since March and so far nothing has gotten in with the gates shut during the day. At night, the coop is shut up so nothing can get in. Previously they free ranged all day with no run and we didn't have any problems. Not to say I can't though. That was proven the other night when I posted about a possum getting inside the coop since we weren't home and had not shut the coop or the run gate up. We recently closed up an area around the back yard with some orange netting so they could have a little grass to eat as well as a little more room to move around in. We only let them in this area when we are home since the netting is not the most secure in the world.

Eventually I hope to be able to free range them again but for now, Grandma next door says no to that.

Wayne, Nice looking setup. Plenty of room for them to roam around. I only have chicken wire around our run, but they are locked in the coop at nite and nothing can get in there. Until we are not home one nite anyway. Your coop looks very roomy for you chickens they must be happy.
Kennels make good easy runs, I don't know why they aren't more popular. Mine was very easy to secure, I have welded wire on the top and hardware cloth on the bottom. I need to make a new coop though, my coop is on the outside. I have some old logs in there for them to hop on and I keep a pile of leaves for them to scratch.


I had to put wire around my raised beds to keep the chickens out. I expected that though. I don't have the hardware cloth laying on the ground like I do on the other sides cause the door is narrow and I may have to undo the chain linking to add sand or something.

The tarps shade them from the afternoon sun.
You've got some pens on concrete slab in one pic that i was wondering what they were used for ? In the pic a rooster and two hens are in the foreground - steps to the house on the right and mysterious pens to the left on concrete slab .
Thanks ,

I too use a dog kennel for my run. I have a 22ft camper trailor boarded up around the bottem with the dog kennel butted up next to it with the side of the kennel butted up tot he camper removed and used on top as part of the cover. Works really well, gives my birds plenty of room to run.

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