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Dec 22, 2009
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Well i never updated but my pair of italian owls had laid 2 eggs and one froze so i took it and my pigeons sat on the other egg until it hatched! But unfortunatly my pigeons think They are chickens so They were in the chickens nest box and i didnt think anything about it but the squeaker slipped from under momma and didnt make it

BUT now the pigeons are at it again because she has 2 eggs under her now and yes i took the first one away until she had the second egg and we had to modify the nest box so it would be small enough for the pigeons to stay right on the eggs and then right on top to the squeakers. I'll update have we get farther along but right now we are only on day 1.
Are Italian owls able to feed there squabs? I use to know a guy that used commons to hatch and raise his owls because there short faces wouldn't allow them to feed.
From what i've seen with the first baby their beaks are longer when They are born, like their head grows to the size to their beak, but i've never seen my pigeons feed because the baby froze to a 15° night. If these eggs make it i'll take pics of them feeding and let you know.
That's cool I honestly didn't know there were so many different kinds of owls. My friend had Chinese owls I think. All I've ever had is Kings, giant homers, Carneaus and other meat birds. Any way thanks for the info and I'm looking forward to seeing the pics.
Chinese Owls can feed their young, I think. I guess it depends on the bird. Italian Owls can, as well as Old German Owls, and Old Style Oriental Frills. Some Turbits can too, although the more modern, show type can have almost nonexistant beaks (and therefore not be able to feed the babies). That is also the case with the Oriental Frills. Old Style is good, "modern style" needs fosters. African Owls are another breed that can't feed their babies.
Well we candled the eggs last night and i didnt see any movement! Does that mean my babies are dead? I'm real new to pigeon babies so any info will be a big help. One egg i could see a dark spot but no movement and the other egg had a dark spot with a vein that went in a perfect circle around the dark spot could this be a ring of death?
there will be no movement at first not til the end of incubation. if you see veins at 5 days they are fertile it is when the egg become dark that you should be concerned.
Pigeon eggs are very delicate and fragile. It is very unusual to candle them. The risk of damage greatly exceeds the importance of "knowing."

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