here's a good "don't do" lesson


10 Years
Apr 30, 2009
christiansburg, VA
i had a chick pip out the wrong end. i decided that i didn't want to risk losing it, so i helped it. normally, i use tooth picks and slowly pick away the shell and membrane, just enough for the chick to work it out from there. i do this over my sink so i don't make too much of a mess. well, i dropped this one! right into the garbage disposal!! i squirreled my hand down in there to fish him out and he's now in the incubator. i really don't have much faith in him making it, but time will tell. poor thing came into the world the wrong way, then met me!
I am thinking happy chicken thought for you!
Oh, but think of the cute naming potential if he makes it.

- The Insinkerator
- Chopper
- Grinder
- Blade

Sending good vibes for the lil' guy -- keep us posted!
we all make mistakes sometimes there bigger than others i hope he makes it and dont beat yourself up about it if he doesnt good luck and i do believe that one comment was just
cant put words there so ill do with that lol

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