Hey All! Help Me Win a Contest? Only Takes a Second!

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    Oct 25, 2014
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    First off, Happy Holidays to all my fellow chicken lovers, I hope the season finds you and your family/friends well!

    I'm entered in a contest on Facebook to win a guided pheasant hunt, and I'd love to win the trip for my family for the holidays since I can't afford to get anyone much (buying a house, thankfully one I can have chickens at!). There aren't a lot of entries, so perhaps I stand a chance of at least getting to the next stage of the contest. The contest is to post a hunting photo and the story behind, and the top 2 photo/stories with the most likes will then be judged and a winner picked. As with most contests on Facebook, it tends to come down to a popularity contest more than the actual content of the entry, so I've come to you fine people with a request. If you have a Facebook account, can I have your vote?

    (I would like to note, the links below contain pictures of deceased animals. It is a hunting group and contest, so I understand if that's not what you want to see! My photo is clean, but some are a tiny bit more graphic.)

    Here is the location of the contest so you can see all of the entries:


    And here is my entry:


    If you enjoy my hunting photo/story, I'd personally love it if you could "like" my entry or share it around! Thanks to all! And Happy Holidays!

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