Hey Bay Area! Looking for a presenter to teach an intro class on Backyard Chickens

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    Aug 9, 2014

    I am the coordinator of a weekly series of Saturday morning classes, which we host at Lyngso Garden Materials, in Redwood City.

    I had originally scheduled a class on Sept 6th, but the teacher has dropped out due to some personal stuff coming up, so now i'm in a bit of tight spot... i would really like to still offer this subject on 9/6/14 (that's the only open date we have)

    Looking for a wonderful unique and willing person who is a good communicator. If you've done this kind of thing before, that's great, if this would be the first time, that's ok too...

    We can discuss the actual content of the class, but here is the outline: Gain the knowledge and insights you need to succeed when starting from scratch, including how many chickens and what breeds, coop design and predator control, free range pros and cons, chicken habits and routines, what will the neighbors think, maintaining a healthy flock, what to feed your chickens, and many resources for beginners.

    We will also have a local beekeeper on hand at this class, offering an intro to bees, and local honey tasting.

    Our classes are free to the public. We don't offer any payment to the presenters, but it can be good exposure for a small business. Mostly though, people like to teach here because they are passionate about their subject. We advertise our classes in the SF Chronicle and usually have 25-30 people attend each week.

    My email is [email protected]
    Phone 650-364-1730 ext 130
    Mobile 650-222-3070

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