Hey Cyn, check out my new roosters.


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Apr 21, 2007
South Georgia
i think one of the australorps is a rooster, he asks like one. took the pics with my cell fone so they arent very good.




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thanks Busta. it looks like i'm in the chicken bizness. i have a hen Minnie who should hatch ~16 eggs in about 5 days, found another nest of 13 today ala Pearl! and then Flo has 9. could i interest anyone in some roosters?
Wow green grass growing. Cute little peeps and yep ya got some roos there

supposedly all the barred rocks are pullets... but we'll see. thats what the lady told me, but they do all have dark front legs. of course she also told me that she only had two barred rocks left (the two austrolorps) so i guess some people are in for a surprise..
it wont be the end of the world if one or two are roosters but if 5 or 6 of them are, Cyn jinxed me!

(that one giving me the eye has to be a roo, but he has some dark legs and is of equal darkness of the others... *biting nails emoticon*)
Beefy, one has a larger headspot, but isnt colored like a cockerel, so you're probably safe. Lexie had the biggest dang headspot for a girl I'd ever seen, all the way down her neck, even was cockerel-colored, but we all know how that turned out. I love my BRs, as you know. I was just out in the lawn chair with my 16 week old cockerel, Zane, sitting sunning himself on my shoulder. Yep, that boy is heavy now! He just doesn't realize it.
well thats pretty reassuring. now if i could just get him to stop standing up so tall. i mean her! lol.
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