Hey from Ga!


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May 24, 2020
Good evening everyone. Super excited to be part of backyardchickens! We have had two of our banams for 2 years (Runner and Climber), 2 Easter eggers for 1 year (Pinky and Blue) and we just got 4 dark banams (Camo, Cowboy, Thelma and Louise). We just finished building a new coop and I look forward to reading tips on developing their new space.
Welcome!! I’m from GA too. I have* 2 Easter Eggers who are still 12 weeks old so I’m curious what color they will lay. Since I already have Olive Eggers I’m hoping for blue or pink egg layers 😍 But at the same time after a year I will be phasing them out and moving on to dual purpose and not so much on egg color.

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