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10 Years
Dec 9, 2009
twilight zone
I think I finally got it.I've been reading on BYC every morning with my coffee forever.Thought I'de finnaly take the plunge and register.I'm EXTREMLY tech-challenged.It took me over 2 hours to figure out how to post(I know,I'm pitiful) Anyways,I LOVE BYC!It's nice to find somewhere with people as crazy about chickens as me.Mine are my world.I have baby chicks in the kitchen and 2 bators going now and can't wait for the next batch to hatch.You all know the deal.it's very addictive.Now that I figured out the whole posting thing I have a good way to share the chicken love.Everybody on here always seems nice and if you ever want to know something,this is definatly the spot to go.Thanks BYC.
from Indiana! So I guess we won't expect a BYC page anytime soon then??? LOL Glad we motivated you to learn technology! Now get working on how to upload pics...
Glad to see that you've finally decided to join. BYC has become very dear to me and I'm sure it will to you as well. What part of Kentucky are you from? When my father was alive I used to spend alot of time in the western part of the state. Since the folks lived in Aurora I kept a boat in a marina on Kentucky lake.
from Ohio. So glad you joined us. You will do fine. If you can't figure something out, just ask. There are a lot of great folks here that are ready to help whenever they can.

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