Hey guys been out for a while


10 Years
Dec 1, 2009
Hey guys have not been on here in a while was out with medical issues. Did not get to do my meaties this year so hopefully next year again. I guess this winter will be store bought birds but did get a nice garden in and lots of veggies canned and up and hope to get a deer or two in the freezer if health holds up.

Question: I know I have expoused the Nolls KK and MT-DI's Rosambro's I know there was some talk of others trying them. I was just wondering if anyone had and how they liked them? Guess I am just bored! LOL:lol:
But glad you're feeling better!
They are two hatcheries that raise different strains of Meaties. MT-DI has a web site you can go to. Thier Rosambro is a white meatie and it has a breast alot like a CX but not the health problems. They are a true french breed like the Freedom Ranger just a slightly faster grower with bigger more uniform breast. Nolls is a Meninite Hatchery that breeds and sells thier own meat birds. They do not have a web site but you can google Nolls and get thier phone number. They have a Kosher King which looks like a bardrock on steriods LOL and a red and white meat bird. They are more along the FR line of bird. But about 1/2 the price. you can get 100 roo's for .60 cents each. Not bad price! But it seems like not allot of people on here are willing to try either one its either CX or FR or nothing. Heck for the money its worth trying how could you go wrong? The last KK I raised dressed out at 5 lbs in 12 weeks and the Rosambro's where 5+ lbs dressed in 10 weeks. I was mostly just curious to see if anyone tried any yet.

I had to have two neck surgeries and have been laid up just now getting around ok sometimes. LOL I personally would like to try crossing some Rosambro's and FR or KK so see what you get. You should still get a good meat bird because you are using a multi-cross and would still get heterosis (Which is hybrid vigor) you get it when you cross two different breeds the off spring is healthier than the parents cause if gets all thier goodies. LOL

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