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Evan Fisher

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Oct 15, 2018
Hello, my name is Evan and I'm new to this community! I learned about BYC from my mom who introduced us to chickens in the first place. A friend of ours had a neighbor with a chicken coop that they weren't using. He asked us if we wanted it and we said yes! They installed it in our backyard and we waited a month before we started raising. We were busy in May and out of town that whole month. So when we got home we finally decided to get to work. We Starting raising chickens almost six months ago and about three months of raising chicks we realized it wasn't an easy job. We got our first chickens (Plymouth Rocks) as chicks and raised them until about 6 weeks old and they adjusted fine when we moved them from a cardboard box in our shed to a full sized chicken coup. after a week or two (after we moved the Plymouth Rocks) we bought more chickens and raised them to about five weeks. Remember this was our second time raising chicks and we were still not that experienced on the process. We knew we should have waited another week but were so excited we just couldn't wait to move them to the chicken coup. So we did. And the next day we came back, they were all dead. We don't know exactly what happened, and we thought they looked big enough to handle themselves. We think the mental trauma was to much and they died from panic. A week later I bought myself four easter Eggers. They were so cute I couldn't resist the urge to buy them. So I did, then bought 16 MORE Road Island Reds. After we raised them we moved all 20 chicks into the chicken coup, and, YAY! They were fine! They still are fine! And no, I haven't collected a single egg yet but the process has been fun. Other then about a week ago we discovered that they had mites. :barnie it was a pain to figure out how to remove the mites but we figured it out eventually. Well thats my story, I'd love to hear yours!
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Hi Evan, sounds like you had a pretty good initiation into the highs and lows of learning how to raise chicks. Glad the flock seems to be doing well now.

Thanks for joining us!
Hi Evan and welcome to BYC! :frow Really glad you joined.
That was a tough way to learn how NOT to introduce young birds to older birds. I think your first introduction failed because your older birds attacked the "interlopers". I think the second introduction has worked so far because of the sheer numbers of interlopers offered some safety.
There are lots of articles here that will offer good advice for introducing new birds to an existing flock. It isn't as simple as just tossing them into the coop when they are a certain size/age, as you have discovered!

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