Hey Michiganders!!! Anyone Seen Spring Yet?!


Overrun With Guineas
11 Years
Feb 29, 2008
Barton City, MI
Have you seen a robin? Anyone?

The only signs I've seen other than a patch of frozen ground whenever the sun shines long enough to melt the newly fallen "flurries" are that the male goldfinches are yellowing up a bit.

Does this winter just seem incredibly long to you? I know we had a snow storm in April last year, but I'm pretty sure the rest of the snow was mostly gone by then. I can handle a late storm (not much choice living up here!) but I'm going a little NUTS! Another high of 32f predicted for today! WHOOPIE

I've gotten to the point where I may just not bother getting any chickens it's gotten me so dang depressed!

Someone please TELL ME Spring is ANY MINUTE NOW!
Yeah, we got a bunch of snow last night!! I hate it. Had to shovel the chicken run...again! I so want warmth and sun. It sure has been a very long winter with lots of snow. I've let the chickes out a few times, tho. They run along the house where the snow melts first and scratch around. Don't worry, spring will be here soon. Hopefully no more snow!! Keep the faith!! lol
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I saw two different Robins last week and know others that have seen them also. Yes, spring is coming!! At least, it is trying!!

We are just south of Lansing, so it should be to you soon. If I remember correct, you are farther up north.
I saw a robin the other day, we also had a very fat bluebird sitting on the bluebird house.....then came this cussed dadgum snow....(bleech). I'm sick of this white stuff and so ready for spring to get here.

As I type the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the lawn is white.
ya know.....the other side of this is, that about July we will be squacking about the heat.....

Would it be unreasonable to just ask for a steady temperature of 75 degrees?...with snow a week before Christmas and gone the next day?
Works for me.

July isn't that hot up here, the deer flies are annoying though. That's why I'm getting a few muscovies.
Had a robin commit suicide on the side of my house 3 days ago. Flew right into it and snapped its neck. Other than that none. Hope this isnt a bad sign.
Thanks a lot Justin....
That gives me so much hope...NOT!

I forgot to add.................................... LOL
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