12 Years
Nov 19, 2007
Parma Idaho
What is the oldest freedom ranger you have eaten?Do they just get bigger than a barred rock or some of the other "duel purpose" or are they more like a Cornish X but just take a couple more weeks to get there?
I wish I knew more about these birds

They are like Cornish Crosses, but just take a couple extra weeks to get to the same size a Cornish X would. The biggest difference is they don't drop dead, aren't white and are very active.

I have two Gourmet Blacks I've held back. They're easily the heaviest hens on my property, but they are certainly not lethargic. They're as good of foragers as any breed I keep.
Well since they're hybrids, you really can't rebreed them and get Freedom Rangers. The offspring will vary in performance and appearance. You can dabble with breeding them, as I have, but it doesn't really compare with getting a batch from Barbara.

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