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Apr 27, 2013
Hey guys, I'm completely new to this site and if anyone could guide me on how to gt around that'd be great!!!
The main point in this thread was not just to introduce myself but get a bit of advice from the experienced chook owners on this site.
We own four Rhode Island reds, one which is distinctively light in colour and a bit of an odd-ball, and one of them has lost feathers for quite a while now.

We've established it's not the food nor hazards in their coop and run that is causing her loss of feathers because it isn't happening to the other chooks, so we're guessing she's the most submissive and is getting picked on.

She does seem to be the most submissive but how can we be sure and what can we do about it? She's lost feathers mostly around her neck, breast and under her wings.

And advice will be appreicated, thanks.

How old is she? Does she have reddened areas where the feathers are gone? Have you checked her over for mites or lice? Has she been losing feathers over time, or all at once? How is her behavior otherwise?

The best thing to do would post on the Emergencies, Diseases ,injuries, cure, thread - giving the answers to the questions I put to you and if possible close up photos showing the balding areas. Someone with more experience should be along to counsel you.
Greetings from Kansas, cluckydog, and
! Great to have you aboard! I agree with drumstick - post in the section she mentioned and someone will give you some good advice. In terms of navigating BYC, start at the Learning Center to pick up the basics and then explore the forums that pertain to/interest you most. Good luck to you!

Thanks guys for the advice
I'm having a bit of trouble navigating the site so thanks also for the link to the learning centre, otherwise i'd so easily get lost!
Thanks guys again! i luv this site, pretty sure ive got a hang of it by now

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