Hey There From Oregon!!


Kozy Orchard Farms
10 Years
Sep 24, 2010
Hey to everyone from Oregon!. Today's my first day of actual posting.

I breed black and blue Sumatras and Malaysian seramas. I also have a mixed flock with a blue mottled cochin hen, an OEG rooster who is six years old, two seabright crosses, and a leftover cornish cross hen. I also have a few babies and an incubator full of eggs.

I will also be getting button quail like any minute.
Welcome to BYC!!
I have my button quail now. They are totally adorable.

What do you mean colons everywhere? I didn't notice any. I guess I'm just not on the same page here.
Welcome from northern California! I love your choices in birds, we have similar tastes in breeds!
I hope you enjoy yourself here on BYC, meet some new friends, learn a bunch, and just have fun in general!

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