Hey y’all


Jun 26, 2022
Hey there ;)

I’m TikkiMasalaMama and I’m new to BYC community. I’m from the Midwest and enjoy keeping chickens. I have only had 4 chickens my whole chickentender’n. I started back in 2014 and enjoyed an EE and a Silverlaced Wyandotte as breakfast layers. I enjoyed their company for about a year and a half before a forced 8 yr hiatus. ;p

My oldest daughter has since joined in the joy of chickens 💕 and picked 2 Barred Rock pullets. We are looking forward to our time with these gals but feel like we have a lot of learning/relearning to do.

I am so excited to plug in to the community here and getting to meet new people who share in the joy of chickentender’n!
You've certainly come to the right place to connect with people who take their chicken raising seriously -- even though some of us are a wee bit crazy at times.

Congrats on getting back into the wonderful world of chickens. Barred Rocks are great bird,s and I love their looks.

Welcome to BYC; best wishes with your new girls!

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