Hey Ya'll. (North Jersey)

Jersey Jon

In the Brooder
7 Years
May 20, 2012
Rockaway, NJ
Hey Everyone, I've learned a lot from ya'll, THANKS! I just realized joining was all around beneficial so I clucked. I'm from Waverly, PA by birth, but reside in the Communist Republic of NJ presently.

All in all, this is Hello, and Thank You..... My Wife was most dissatisfied when I showed up with 3 BO's on a Thursday afternoon, and rolled the coop out the garage the same night (I'd been planning for peeps for weeks!) BUT, Ya'll got her through it with your tips, tricks, and overall pleasurable experiences... SURPRISE DEAREST WIFE, LOL.

Well, here it is. Aside from a roof over the run, that's all it gets. (Yes, there are skylights on both sides!)


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