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6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
Hello, I am Carrie. We live in Raeford NC and are brand new to chicken keeping. This site was recommended by a a person I met through craigslist. I currently have 3 Buff Orphingtons and 3 Plymouth Barred Rock month old pullets. I also have three "hen helpers" a 12 year old and 5 year old girls as well as a 2 year old boy. I am glad to be here and learn lots! Thanks!

On another note: Any advise on how to get my beagle and black and tan coon hound to be friendly with my hens would be appreciated. I would like to eventually let the hens roam free in the back yard and allow my dogs around them but as of now the dogs look at the hens as if they may be a tasty snack!
Greetings from Kansas, Carrie, and
! Great to have you with us! I salute the military service of your family!! Dogs and chickens...chickens and dogs. There are well respected people on both sides of the fence on this topic. Some say they wouldn't raise chickens without dogs for predator protection (I'm in this camp). Others say dogs ARE the predators. I agree that "the neighbors dog" can tear through your flock like nothing else, leaving nothing but carnage. But my dogs simply ignore my chickens - and have taken on and killed raccoons, possums, and even a coyote, trying to slip in for a chicken dinner! They've saved me many chickens and cost me non chickens. So....guess it just depends where on the fence you sit. I know there are BYC threads devoted to integrating dogs to chickens. Type in those two keep words into the BYC search bar and read some threads for additional opinions as well as how to make it work for you. I wish you all the best!!
Thank you for the warm welcome! We will be at 15 years of service in July...20 years cannot come soon enough. :0) I realize now that my question should have been in a different area. Thanks for your tips, happy chicken keeping!
thank you for your years in service. This is a good place to start. As far as having dogs meet chicks there's one thing that needs to be mentioned. If you hold a chick up to the dog's face to sniff, he is going to think you are offering him a treat and dispatch it. They should meet thru a safe fence with the dog on lead. If he goes all psycho, then you need to walk away with him immediately. It's only when the dog is calm should you approach. This can take many, many repetitions and is only a first step. What you want is basically a dog that ignores them. Chicks are active and noisey and dogs otherwise think of them as a squeaky toy or lunch.

There is much much more available on BYC by more authoritative authors. Some actually train dogs for a living.
Thank you for your tips! My chicks have been indoors in a brooder so my dogs see them often and don't seem interested in them. When I carry the chicks in a cat carrier through the house my dogs get super excited but still no barking or biting or aggressive behavior just a whole lot of interest. I will look it up in the help threads. Thanks again!
Welcome Carrie. I grew up in Raeford. Hoke High Class of 91. Dad was Army. Spent 4 years there myself in Army. Great place to live. Again, welcome!
I like Raeford, I would be happier if their schools were better. I grew up in Michigan, graduated in 99 in MI and have been in Raeford NC since 2003. Nice place, you can't get more friendly people! I had never been called "baby" or "hun" so much!

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