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    I have 5 serama bantam (only 3 are actually small). 2 little hens and 3 various size roosters who are suppose to stay in a coop. One of the roosters has figured out how to escape at will. He's smart enough to stay just out of reach so we have a hard time getting him back in the pen. He runs at will most of the time. Yesterday, I was at my computer when this ungodly flapping started outside the window to the room. I look toward the window to see this rooster sitting on top of the air conditioning unit, staring at me. When I looked in his direction he began to crow! Mind you this window is at least 12 ft off the ground level! When I chastised him from inside, he would politely listen, then throw his head back and crow. I ignored him--he pecks at the window- crows, pretends to peck food from the unit top---crows....so funny. This morning he was repeating the performance--just being more insistent with his vocalization!! How does he know I come into the room--I am NOT noisy! Darn, he just started pecking on the window PANE since I am ignoring him !!
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    [​IMG] We don't have a roo (yet anyway...we have chicks, some are males, so we will eventually have a mature roo! [​IMG] ), but two of our hens are demanding and loud too! They will stand at the sliding glass door, peck at the glass and "BAGAWK" at the top of their lungs so we will go outside and pet them! SPOILED! [​IMG]
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    ok this isint the same as your story but this does have to do with flying up onto things.

    i put one of my sebright hens on my bird feeder about a month ago.

    she pecked at the food and jumped down.

    well i didnt think she liked being up there but EVERYDAY for the past MONTH she has been up on the feeder and she has brought her hubby and some others. a sebright rooster(hubby), and 2 sebright roosters.

    i dont mind but the roos will get up there and crow also. they cant peck at the window because the feeders to far out but they will come to the door and fly up into the glass door to let me know they want there special feed.


    but its cool. i dont mind them being on the feeder they eat the leftover feed that i put on top that the birds dont eat. : ].

    i love my chickens.
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