ty for everyone who replyed to my thread. how do you get ducks to eat different foods i tryed some lastnight but they wouldn't eat it?

I just had 2 run away muscovy ducks return to the barn yard this morning. I had brought in new food for them yesterday. (the man I got them from only feed whole corn) I now give them a mix of all flock cracked corn and oats. The others really diden't show interest in the all flock and oats. When I gave it to the famished little run aways... they were not picky at all!!!! They scarfed it right up!! I am sure the others will eat it soon when they seen the other two eating it. When its all they get...they will eat it when they get hungry enough and then they will see that its good too!! Try mixing the foods together so they see that its food, they will soon get it and want more more more!!

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