Hi all! Newb in FL.

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My oldest SS brought home a foundling chicken the other day so I have a backyard flock of one. I found this site when I was looking for info on the best way to care for chickens and this is the absolute best site I've seen!
I'm not sure what type of chicken she is or even if she's a she...I'll post the pics in the appropriate place to see if anyone knows. She's probaby a mut, but she's so sweet.

From everything I've read she needs a buddy so I asked him to check with the ag department at his school to see where I could get another one from. She's very small. Hubby said she's a "banty" KY lingo for Bantum.
I want to be the best chicken mom I can be!
I'm mom to 2 teenage boys, 1 foundling cat, 2 foundling dogs and 2 fish. lol
from WI. You may also want to check out the section "Where Am I? Where Are You"....Floridians have a thread on there. Also, check the 'Swaps, Meets, Auctions' section....FL also has a good number of those. You may be able to find wat you are looking for....Good luck
I'm in Lakeland, very close to you.
She is a tiny chicken and I don't think she'll get much bigger. Hubby said she's a bantum??
from NJ! If lived closer I'd give you 3 mixed banties to go with you little one. I've got too many. Looks like you've gotten a lot of foundlings.

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