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Jul 19, 2021
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I'm from Athens, Alabama. I'm a somewhat newbie to tending chickens. I had chickens all my life growing up but really wasn't involved except to gather eggs each day for my Mom. I'm just a hobby chicken farmer so I don't have a large flock. My flock consists of 5 Heritage Rhode Island Reds Hens, 5 Heritage Barred Plymouth Rock Hens and 1 Heritage Barred Plymouth Rock Roaster. I cannot free range them on my 3 1/2 acre property due to the large number of both ground and aerial predators. So, they have a 20ft x 20ft pen/run with a 8ft x 5ft x 5ft coop. They are all 22 weeks old. 4 hens have begun laying fairy eggs so far. Attached is their home. The floor is 3in of small pea gravel covered by 4in of landscape sand.


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