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I just think this is a cool site with tons of folks like me.I am 62 now and retired,I lived on a farm when I was a young girl (tomboy)but after I turned 18,left home ,got married and raised a family,the farm life kept calling me back,I now have a small (getting bigger) hobby farm.horses,goat and a lot of foul,Peacocks,all kinds of bantums and now some of the supper small Seramas.I have 2 Seramas hens on eggs,however I decided to get a home incubator and now have 16 very small Seramas eggs and 4 snowey call duck eggs in it..I turned off the turner on the chicks after 18 days,they should hatch tomarrow,but so far I see no action at all,I am getting a little nerves,However I have always let it up to the hens ,so I really dont know what to expect.my ducks have another week to go and they look more ready to hatch than the chicks..thank you for any info,,sue a friend in all living things
You're gonna love it here!
Friendly and helpful people, interesting threads to read, and you're able to tell everyone about how much you love chickens without them thinking you're crazy!

LOL enjoy and have fun! This site is REALLY helpful, but be warned...it's also very addictive!

I'm relatively new here too and hatching my first set as we speak! We have 5 of 20 eggs hatched and 4 more pipped. The others hopefully tonite and tomorrow. It is IMPOSSIBLE to sit on your hands during these first few go rounds!! My nails are down to the quick and the batteries are dead on my flashlights. I spent a futile day trying to get ANYTHING done. Just gave up mid day! I'm hopelessly addicted! Heres hatching at you!!

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