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Jul 23, 2021
Watertown, NY
Hi everyone! Newbie (obviously, lol), about to start our chicken adventures this upcoming spring. We're buying a gorgeous place with plenty of acres where we can bring our horse home, and our first planned addition is laying hens! We had a few chickens when I was little, and I did *briefly* work at a farm that raised laying hens, so I have a bit of knowledge, but am mostly a beginner. We're hoping to get a dozen or so buckeye hens and a rooster to start with. I plan to put up a mobile coop and electric fence, so they can pasture during the day and roost safely at night. We're also hoping to raise meat birds in chicken tractors at some point (also with electric fence. free rangers sound great, but size wise i'm a bit reluctant. So still researching!)

It will be myself (LeeAnna), hubby and 2 boys (2 and 9 yo) on the farm, plus my sister, husband and their 3 kids have a home on the property too! So lots of hands for chores! We're really excited to work slowly (very slowly) towards being mostly self sufficient re: food. We have 2 dogs, a horse (getting a second before bringing him home), and of course, the expected chickens. The wishlist (once we're settled in with our first additions and confident we want them) includes goats and pigs!

I found BYC while googling chicken things, mostly trying to find a Buckeye breeder (which i still haven't accomplished). It seems like an active and informative forum, and I've always found these types of places some of the best when getting into a hobby. Hopefully someone here also pasture raises buckeyes and we can purchase some birds! (I'd rather not get them from a hatchery if i can avoid it)

It all sounds exciting! And, how great to have family so close!

What led to your decision to get Buckeyes? I have three and really like my girls. They're pretty friendly, active foragers (also big treat beggars!), hardy through frigid winters and steamy summers, and are good layers.

I got mine from the local feed store that gets its chicks from Hoover's Hatchery. While I am basically pleased with the quality of the birds, one of the three looks much more like a roo than a hen; Althea has a HUGE red comb and wattles. However, her eggs prove she is, indeed, a girl.

Hope you find a good breeder. Keep us posted, and welcome to BYC!

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